The Hotel Yogini

Hi, I’m Marisa, and I’m the Hotel Yogini.

I’m a wellness travel specialist, a certified yoga teacher, a New York Times published journalist and the former owner of a luxury wellness travel agency in Brazil. With more than decade of experience in the wellness travel industry, I’ve made it my mission to help others reach their retreat goals. Whether you’re a teacher, a studio owner or a hotel manager, I can help you get a piece of this $2 trillion dollar market.

wellness travel specialist

It’s not just all about numbers.

More than a decade ago, I started practicing yoga, and realized its transformative power. Shortly after I began teaching, first while on location filming a TV show in Samoa, then on an island in Thailand. Everywhere I went I did my best to find a place to practice, learn and share my own teachings. I quickly noticed that people were more receptive and open when they were traveling.

In 2012, after visiting nearly 30 countries, I moved home to Rio de Janeiro. There, I opened Yoga Body Rio, which would become the first Luxury Wellness Travel Agency in Brazil. We ran yoga, fitness and meditation events and retreats, both in Brazil and across Latin America. The Agency was featured in OM Magazine, O Globo, Boa Forma, The Independent, Asia Spa Magazine, The Daily Mail and more.

wellness travel specialist

After four years of operation, I closed the agency in 2016. Partially, I felt burnt out. More importantly, I wanted to get back to an old passion – writing. I dusted off my journalism degree and within a month I had a piece published in The New York Times.

Still, wellness was a driving force in my work. I began writing for Thrive Global, but even as my work progressed I realized I missed the incredible human connection found in immersive, transformational experiences.

wellness travel specialist

So, I put my wellness hat back on and began consulting. Helping other people design or perfect their own wellness programs meant I could reach out to more people than it was possible to reach on my own.


There you have it. If you’re keen to connect, please write me a note on the contact page.If you’re already ready for new levels of success,read more about how I can help you reach your goals here. For those with questions remaining, please schedule a complimentary call so we can discuss building your profitable retreat or wellness program, together.