What is a Wellness Travel Consultant?

A Wellness Travel Consultant is business consulting for any professional in, or looking to enter the wellness travel market.

Wellness travel is defined a all travel in which the focus is bettering your physical or mental wellbeing. Wellness travel might include spa holidays, yoga retreats, meditation retreats or fitness bootcamps. Wellness travel is a fairly new industry, but it is one of the fastest growing niche markets in travel.

According to the Stanford Research Institute, Wellness Travel is a $2 trillion economy and accounts for roughly 14% of global tourism expenditures. According to Travel Weekly, Wellness Tourism is growing twice as fast as any other sector.


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Although wellness travel is huge market, it is still tricky to access. The type of people who opt for wellness holidays are different than standard travelers – both in their expectations and their intrinsic motivation. (Read more on that here). There are a lot of details that standard hotel operators might not be aware of.

This makes deigning appropriate offerings a delicate task. It could be very easy to contradict yourself and create an in-authentic experience. For example, claiming to offer vegan options and not providing a butter alternative. In the wellness world, such inattention to detail is the equivalent of a black mark, but it’s something that can be avoided with the right people on your team.

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Why You Need a Wellness Travel Consultant

That’s one of the reasons Hotels and agencies choose to have a travel expert working with them when designing wellness offerings.It’s essential to have someone fluent in the world of wellness, in order to provide an authentic a space where wellness professionals can work. Marisa Paska, Founder of the Hotel Yogini, weighs in.

“Wellness travel consultants work as a bridge between wellness travelers, service providers and hotels and agencies, to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language.”


On the other side, a wellness travel consultant works with wellness professionals to take the language of wellness and make it accessible to a larger public. This helps their offerings can reach more people. Consultants help wellness professionals – be they teachers, alternative therapists, studio owners and managers or thought leaders – manage and learn the logistics, financials, legal and marketing aspects of their business.

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Wellness travel specialists serve a valuable purpose to the travel industry. By helping their clients clients design, manage and run successful wellness travel experiences, they’re helping spread positive teachings further across the globe. They also connect amazing professionals with incredible locations that might otherwise get overlooked.

This means more spa holidays, yoga retreats, fitness camps and meditation immersions for the people of the world – and that benefit is (almost) immeasurable.

Most people are still new to the concept of wellness travel. That's why you need a wellness travel consultant. Whether you're a private yoga teacher, a yoga studio or a retreat center, a wellness travel consultant can help you make more money as you offer your services. #yoga #wellness #wellnesstravel #wellnessconsultant #travel #travelingyogini