Incredible Off the Beaten Path Yoga Retreats

Let’s face it – there are so many yoga retreats in the world these days. Costa Rica and Ibiza are chalk full of them! Where does the intrepid traveler, looking for off the beaten path yoga retreats head? Check out these amazing destinations – and the incredible people hosting and running retreats at them – to get inspired for your next wellness travel adventure.


On breathtaking cliffs overlooking the crashing pacific ocean, the wide expanse of raw nature beckons you. Pichilemu, Chile, is visited by few, but for those lucky souls who wake up here, it’s unforgettable. It’s a quiet fisherman’s village surrounded by tall green pine trees, set across dirt roads, where the most common way to get around is by horseback. The town is still full of artisanal fisherman who hand-harvest kelp, shellfish and local fish. While Pichilemu may be best known for it’s world class surf – it nominated as the 7th World surfing reserve – it’s also a biodiversity hotspot, attracting variety of species such as Southern Right Whales, Fin whales, Southern Sperm whales, Orcas, common sea lions, sea turtles and even penguins. Let the magic, and the waves, wash over you on Alma Soul Travel’s transformational retreat, run by a pair of well traveled Chilenos who are out to show you the beauty of their homeland.

off the beaten path yoga retreats

off the beaten path yoga retreat

photos from AlmaSoul


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka isn’t as well kept a secret as we might like. It’s been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years, and it’s not surprising when you look at all this beautiful island country has to offer. Beyond being a tropical paradise, with blissful beaches and perfect waves, Sri Lanka is a culinary haven, a mecca for culture and a natural paradise. You can explore historical forts, take a tour around a tea plantation, ride a train over the mountains, visit word-renowned buddhist landmarks or relax in the shade of a palm tree with a king coconut in hand. For off the beaten path yoga retreats, look towards Santosha Society, an all-female Bali-based retreat company for surf minded yoginis. These ladies run their signature retreat in the tranquil little surf town of Madiha. Check out their upcoming events and see why Celyon is enchanting travelers from worlds over.

off the beaten path yoga retreats

off the beaten path yoga retreats

photos from Santosha Society



Some of the best off the beaten path yoga retreats are yet to be imagined. Although the Azores is the next of-the-moment destination, barely anyone has heard of it. That’s soon to change. This collection of islands off the coast of Africa is officially part of Portugal, but it’s a world to itself. Between breathtaking visuals from the endless hiking trails, water sports galore and a balmy climate that rarely wavers from between 16 and 26 degrees celsius, year round, you might be temped to stay forever. Local’s are excited to welcome trouts into their personal paradise, and a few have started running retreats to attract links-minded souls. Try an immersion into a different lifestyle at the Quinta Minuvida retreat center – the newly renovated retreat center hosts international events year round.


off the beaten path yoga retreats

photo from Quinta Minuvida


Off the beaten path yoga destinations you didn't existed. These are well kept secrets that are as good as many popular travel destinations. #travel #yoga #yogaretreat #offthebeatenpath