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Are you interested in learning the fundamentals – and high-level details – of wellness program management, so that you can successfully create and run your own retreats?

run your own retreats

One-On-One Coaching

What You’ll Get: Following a fifteen minute pre-Session evaluation, you’ll get three, five or eight ninety-minute video chat sessions covering topics you’ve chosen. You’ll get access to downloadable guides and other materials so you can learn to run your own retreats. You’ll also have unlimited email support during the session period, and the chance to be featured in my monthly emailers.


How It Works

First, decide how many hours you’re looking to invest. We can cover one topic in each ninety-minute session. For a real deep-dive, we recommend TWO to THREE sessions per topic.

  • Topics Include:
  • Program Design
  • Logistics & Legal
  • Brand Marketing
  • Retreat Sales
  • Event Execution
  • Post-Retreat Intelligence

Once you’ve chosen your topics, decide how many sessions you’d like per topic. Remember, each session is ninety-minutes, and to gain real knowledge, we recommend TWO to THREE sessions per topic.

  • Investment:
  • Single 90-Minute Session: $249
  • Three Session Pack: $679
  • Five Session Pack: $1,099
  • Eight Session Pack: $1679

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run your own retreats

Immersion Courses: COMING SOON

Intro to Retreats

Intro-to-Retreats is a two week course that is designed to give you a solid foundation for the wellness travel world. You’ll learn how to design and run a yoga, fitness or spa retreat, and why it matters that you do. We’ll talk basics of how to run your own retreats, such as pricing, retreat design, marketing, sales and community management. This course is meant as an introduction to the world of wellness travel businesses.

Coming Soon


Pre-Launch Pack

This month long course is a deep dive into everything you need to know to design a successful retreats. We’ll go through all of the steps for pre-launch: from designing the retreat, to setting up your online presence, developing partnerships and more. Pre-Launch is for teachers or studios who are serious about creating a new retreat offering out there. We will take your dream and turn it into a real, sellable product.

Coming Soon


run your own retreats

Sales Mastermind

Sales Mastermind is the perfect course for those of you looking to understand sales for wellness travel programs. We’ll go through marketing, community engagement and different sales techniques. Beyond creating a marketing plan, you’ll learn how to get your retreat in the news and where to go to attract your ideal client. This six-week course is where sales happen.

Coming Soon


Program Development Intensive

Program Development Intensive is the course for those who are serious about developing and running an entire wellness program, from start to finish. This eight-week intensive will go through retreat design, sales, during and post-retreat topics. You’ll learn how to design and manage wellness travel offerings so you can run a successful program year-round, year after year. This is the most exciting course because it empowers you to make your own wellness program dreams a reality.

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Ready to Start?

Get in touch today to choose a coaching plan or immersive coure that best fits your individual needs. Lets make your retreat dreams into a reality.