The Benefits of Wellness Travel

The benefits of wellness travel are truly incredible. Wellness practices, without being immersive in any sense, have been proven to lower stress levels, increase cognitive functioning, augment creative thinking and even improve physical health.

In the workplace, the benefits of wellness travel translate to lower expenditures on health care and sick days, and higher output thanks to increased productivity. At home, it means happier, more interactive family members and friends, who are more motivated to participate in the world around them. Marisa Paska, Founder of The Hotel Yogini, had this to say in a statement.

“Wellness Travel accelerates the affects of wellness programs by providing them to people in intensive format, in a place where the guest is out of their comfort zone.”


What does that mean?

Well, while we’re at home, following our usual routine, we create a certain amount of resistance to change. This is due to the fact that we need our stabilization in order to continue doing, well, whatever it is we’re doing. While this is very helpful for getting things done, it’s not conducive to transformational experiences.

benefits of wellness travel

When we’re traveling, we’re generally more open. Open to meeting new people, trying new things, and experimenting with the unknown. This makes us much more susceptible to change – and thus, to the transformative effects of wellness programs.

Travelers are more likely to test and push past their limits. To reach a little deeper, climb a little higher and stretch a little further. They’re more likely to experience awe, thanks to the beauty of nature or simple novelty, and to feel true gratitude. All of these things allow us to reprogram our mental synapses – and with a carefully designed wellness program to guide them, guests can make lasting changes that they will bring back with them to their day-to-day life.

benefits of wellness travel

Wellness travel is beneficial to everyone, but it’s particularly recommended for those who live the most structured and unbalanced lives – executives, lawyers, doctors, etc. The most drastic changes in the lives of those ‘up high’ can trickle down into the lives of everyone who works ‘underneath’ them. Human society is a complex web, and altering one person in a positive way can affect so many others, in an equally positive manner. Ms. Paska relates a story.

“Once, someone asked me if I could change someone’s life in a week with one of my programs. I replied that certainly, I could. A week, in the right environment, with a well planned program, it’s possible to reprogram habits and create a new standard, and blueprint for living.”

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